“Past – Present or Future?”

Do you spend most of your time dwelling on the past?  This could involve an abusive childhood, breakup of your parents when you were young, loss of a loved one, or consequences of some bad choices made by you or someone else?  In other words, a past experience is holding you hostage because you have not been able to escape from its web.  When the past (perhaps even a good experience) dominates our thought life, whether we know it or not, it’s robbing us from present day life and blessings.  Some people have never been able to get over a betrayal, criticism brought forth by a friend, the pain suffered when their loyalty to a company came to a sudden halt when they were let go or some other disappointing situation.  Bad memories can lodge themselves so deeply into the heart and mind of a person that it’s difficult or seemingly impossible for them to ever trust another person again.


This is a horrible way to live.  We all, to some degree have been taken advantage of by someone.  Granted, some more seriously than others.  But, it’s amazing how THINGS of the PAST can manipulate our mind.  It seems it’s easier to remember the things we should forget and we forget the things we should remember.  I realize these devotionals are read mostly by Christians or those at least open to spiritual things.  For the believer we have but one textbook.  It’s the Bible – period!!  The Bible is a manual for our life and teaches the disciplines for daily life.  If I were to ask, “What is the foundation of your faith,” what would your answer be?  Some may say the Bible, God, Jesus or the Ten commandments.  Each of those would be a great answer because the Bible is the inspired Word of God and teaches all these mentioned things.


If you asked me that question – and this is my answer because that’s how I roll – I’d say the foundation of my faith is based on “THE EMPTY TOMB!”  When Mary and the other ladies went to put burial spices on the body of Jesus and  looked inside, they were informed by the angel, “He is not here!  He has risen, just as He said!!” (Matthew 28:6).  This is the miracle of all miracles for me.  When Jesus walked out of the tomb very alive after being very dead, it makes sense to me to commit everything in my life past – present or future to Him.  This may seem impossible to do for some people.  To me, Jesus rising from the dead isn’t a myth as some believe for He was seen by small groups of people, individuals and as many as 500 at one time.  With that many eye witnesses stating they had seen Him – I BELIEVE WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS and it has changed my life.  Jesus claims to be a forgiver of sins, a healer of broken hearts, and to have a plan for every individual’s life.  Because the tomb is empty and our God is alive, I totally believe that when we take the past, present and future aspects of our life and put them into His hands, “He is able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20).


Pastor Carnes