Acts 2:1-8, 11b-21, 36-40

Amazed—Perplexed—Bewildered—Astonished—Awe—are some of the words the Bible uses to describe the reaction of the people as the disciples left the Upper Room after ten days of prayer. They saw and heard something never before witnessed. The Bible describes this event as the day of Pentecost. The coming of the Holy Spirit transformed the lives of the early disciples and is still available for you and me today.

1. Who is the Holy Spirit?

A. Greek word for spirit, pneuma (pronounced new’-mah) means “Breath” or “Wind”.

B. The Holy Spirit is a (referred to as “He” in John 14, 15 and 16).

C. The Holy Spirit does not have a , but has of a person.

D. He is the person of the Trinity.

2. What does the Holy Spirit do?

A. He us to God. (John 16:8) Called .

B. He believers. (John 14:17 and I Cor. 3:16)

C. He us. (John 6:38)

D. He (John 14:26), (John 16:13a and 17:17) and for us. (Romans 8:27b)