January 17, 2021

Strength in the Midst of COVID

Acts 27

Pastor Gerald Carnes

Many of us thought by this time the results of the global pandemic would be waning. Someone mentioned the other day that we are in the 13th month of 2020! It’s been suggested by others that the COVID-19 virus is a storm and we must ride it out. Acts 27 teaches us about a storm the Apostle Paul encountered as a prisoner on his way to Rome. There are lessons to be learned from his experience on the angry waters.

¨ The storm lasted longer than (v.7)

¨ Those on board wondered if they’d

¨ Pounded by the storm they the (v.18)

¨ The ship’s crew then (v.19)

¨ Most in the boat gave (v.20)

¨ God intervened to Paul with an (v.23)

¨ God is looking for people to in His behalf today

¨ God constantly tells us !