“One Of Your Greatest Assets” (Pt 1):

Chris and I spent several hours in the car the other day and one of many conversations was about the tremendous people we’ve met over the years.  Our immediate family has been tremendously blessed by the fantastic people God has brought into our lives.  We’ve enjoyed the good fortune of Pastoring four different congregations with each having their own uniqueness.  However, there was one common thread.  Our lives, as well as the lives of our children, have been and continue to be enriched by the people we’ve served.  Often we wonder, did we serve them, or did they serve us.  We’ve concluded, people who add value to your life are one of your greatest assets.


As we reminisced, this brought to mind the contrast of those who have “good” people in their lives and those who do not.  Let’s put the “good” into perspective.  These are people who ADD to or INFLUENCE your life.  They love and accept you for who you are, but help you become better.  This person will not always agree with you and won’t hesitate to tell you when you’ve messed up.  Everyone is going to stumble and fall sometime, but a person who “adds” is there to pick you up.  There may be a reprimand, but in the end, they give a pat on the back stating you can do better.  Every one of us needs these kind of people in our lives.  Even if it’s only one.


I feel sorry for the person who is lonely or the one that feels his/her only acceptance is by someone who has been rejected and isolated themselves.  That can be a recipe for disaster.  Everyone needs and longs for love, acceptance and a sense of worth.  If have you someone or several people in your life offering these ingredients, you are blessed.  They are one of your greatest assets.  Today we hear about violence, gangs and people of destruction.  A really bad person can influence another to join in and do bad things as well.  What if each of us decided to watch for a person lacking friends and quality influence from others?  What if we realized we are what we are because of quality people who invested themselves into our lives?  What if we decided today to make a difference in the life of another person?


Pastor Carnes