“No Set Formula”

With the Christmas Season upon us, I’m guessing many folks will be looking for recipes of favorite family dishes made in the past to celebrate this Holiday Season.  We all know there are certain things made, not from recipes, but sophisticated formulas, like perfume.  Whether a recipe or formula is required, the necessary ingredients of each must be exact or the very best efforts are in vain.


The God we serve is a God of exactness and perfection.  However, when He moves in and out of our daily lives He needs neither a recipe nor formula.  My point is, we are often tempted to believe we know the answer to our situation or problem.  We pray seeking God’s help, but proceed doing things our own way.  Why?  Because we know the answer to the need.  Or – we think we do.  Therefore, we expect God will answer just as we asked.  (Hint – NOT ALWAYS!).


King David was a man of many needs.  Facing a battle, the Bible says “He inquired of the Lord” (I Samuel 30:8).  David received instructions from the Lord, but I don’t believe they were what he was expecting.  God gave him a different plan than what He had used before.  You and I must understand God doesn’t want us to rely on a formula when we seek Him in prayer.  He wants us to simply rely on Him to receive our daily directions.  God knows where we are every second of every day.  He knows what we are facing, what we are feeling, and what we need.  While we may be confused, He knows the answer to our problem.  But, how He answered our prayers in the past doesn’t mean He’ll answer  the same way today.  Or as quickly.  Yet, maybe faster than before.  You see, God is God and He loves you.  He knows what’s best for you.  He knows when and what to provide in answering or when to delay.  Again, our responsibility is to submit our need to Him and trust.  Don’t put God in a box expecting to work the same way day after day.  He knows how to handle every situation.  Sometimes He makes us wait.


Pastor Carnes


Pastor Carnes