How many people have failed to go forward because someone said they couldn’t?  The people we hang out with can be our greatest asset or they may be our biggest liability.  Hopes and dreams have been shattered by the words, “You aren’t good enough – smart enough – big enough or strong enough.”  And those are reasonably mild things some people have had to live with.  If these descriptions don’t apply to you, some may remember words that destroyed your self-confidence and desire to even attempt something you really wanted to do.


It’s truly unfortunate, the lives that have been virtually destroyed by the words of others.  We cannot control what other people say, but we can control what comes out of our mouth.  We are admonished by God to love, encourage and lift one another up.  There are individuals reading these lines right now and fighting back tears because someone in your past has convinced you that you are a failure.  You probably didn’t, but even if you did – get this…every one of us has failed at something!  You must understand that failing does not make you a failure.  Someone may have robbed you of your dreams, goals and hopes, but there is One that has NEVER given up on you.  His name is JESUS!!


The fulfillment of your hopes and dreams from childhood may have been delayed, but hardly a day goes by without you thinking about them.  My friend, that’s God speaking.  He’s saying, “You may be down, but you’re not out!”  King David was facing a battle one day and the people of Jebus started mocking and taunting him.  They said, “’You will never get in here!’  Nevertheless, David captured the fortress of Zion – which is the City of David’” (I Chronicles 11:5).  David should have been defeated.  David was mocked and ridiculed, NEVERTHELESS, God helped him win a great victory.  You will face battles even as a Christian.  But in every battle you’ll have the advantage because God is the NEVERTHELESS in everything.  Don’t stop because of what someone said or how they made you feel.  Rekindle your dream and let God take you to heights beyond your wildest imagination.


Pastor Carnes