“Keep On Keeping On”

Did you see the funny thing that happened in our service last week?  If not, over 3.6 million people did.  Yes, it was so funny it went viral.  Channel 2, out of Atlanta even called asking permission to put it on their Facebook page.  Because we’re going through a difficult time right now with lots of people worried and stressed, I’m including the link so we all can enjoy it again.  Take a look here:



This wasn’t planned, but God used it to bring laughter to the hearts of many.  For that, we are thankful.


Fear and worry was mentioned above.  God doesn’t want you to be afraid nor does He want you to worry.  And I don’t either.  As we travel this journey, remember, we are in it together.  You are not alone.  If you need help we need to know about it.  If you need something brought to you, that can be arranged.  Don’t sit and work yourself into a frenzy, but call, text or email someone.  Or several people.  We can’t be together in large groups, but we can still connect.  Another thing I try to emphasize is, be careful to whom you listen to.  Remember, not everything you hear is true.  Some folks on TV or radio are working for ratings.  Most news is negative anyway, but there are very positive statements being made about the COVID – 19.  Don’t panic.  Of course we are all wanting a quick cure, but we must remember this is a novel virus.  This means we have no prior immunity to it and we have no vaccine for it.  There is experimentation going on with some vaccines now – but we must be patient.  The intelligence of the medical world is working as hard as possible to find a definite cure.  They need our prayers.


So, be careful from where you get your information.  I prefer listening to the medical experts that work with infectious diseases.  Something else to remember is, not everyone is at equal risk.  Anyone can get the virus, but the risk is with the elderly and/or those with a pre-existing medical problem.  Be smart.  Follow the recommendations that have been given to us.  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.  Practice social distancing (stay 6’ from other people), avoid large group gatherings.  Folks, we are going to be OK.  This will pass and we’ll be better because of it.  Stay in touch with one another.  Check on the elderly, help wherever you can and above all, PRAY.  The Bible says, “Dear friends, don’t be surprised or shocked when you go through painful trials and fiery tests in life”  (I Peter 4:12).  Finally, remember whatever we go through, God has promised to go through it with us.  You nor I are ever alone (read Isaiah 43:2).


Pastor Carnes