“It’s Not What You Say”

Ask anyone if they love God and you’ll be shocked if someone answered “no.”  I don’t know anyone who would say they don’t love Him.  Do you?  Certainly there are the marginal (is that ok to say) who say they love Him, but it’s a mindset as they  have never really confessed their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  But, that’s not the group of individuals I’m concerned about today. 


Here are some personal questions.  Do YOU love God?  Have you received Him as your personal Savior and know beyond a shadow of doubt your sins are forgiven?  It’s important you understand there is a HUGE difference between being religious and being a Born Again Christian.  The people who ordered Jesus be nailed to a cross were religious, but they certainly didn’t love Him nor were they Christian.  We can live decent and productive lives, be good to our family, go to church and even pay our tithe.  We can tell others about the love of God, promise to pray for them and actually do what we said we’d do.  However, lots of people do all these things – and more. Not because they are Christian, but because they are a good person.


There are people who profess Christianity, but are deceitful, nasty to certain individuals, use vulgar language, put non-complimentary comments on social media and engage in type behaviors unpleasing to God.  So if you are wondering, how can I really know if I’m a Christian – there is one simple test.  It’s not just what you say and (obviously) some things that are done that will renounce a Christian claim – so, how does one know for sure?  Jesus put it this way – “IF you love me, YOU WILL keep my commandments.”  Obedience is God’s love and acid test for His followers.  With that in mind, let ask one more time, “Do you LOVE God?”  It’s more than words.


Pastor Carnes