This weekend reminder is early so take note as it may be the last you receive this week:


TIME CHANGE – this Saturday night.  Turn your clocks BACK one hour before going to bed.  Get an extra hours sleep and you’ll get to Sunday School 9:30am and Morning Worship 10:45am on time and without excuse!  Plus, you have the added benefit of hearing Pastor Matt Waldrep speak in the morning service.  Marlynn Streetman will lead a Missionary service in the 6:00pm service.  Carl Walker will lead next Wednesday nights Bible Study beginning at 7:00pm.


A big, BIG thank you to everyone who worked the Pumpkin Patch this year.  It’s over and a bunch of you are sighing in relief.  It was a good year despite the loss of one whole Saturday and most of another, plus some rainy, nasty evenings.  Thank you again for your commitment and sacrifice, especially during the bad weather.  Also, so many of you adjusted your schedules to work fun days and Trunk or Treat Sunday afternoons (rather than Saturday).  Those were TERRIFIC days!!


Do you, a loved one, or friend need a physical checkup?  Life Line Screening will be at our Church Thursday November 14th from 8:30am until about 5:00pm.  This advanced ultrasound technology looks inside your arteries for signs of plaque buildup with key risk factors.  If you have any questions or desire more information (to set an appointment also) please call 1-800-653-6450.  Information sheets will also be passed out at church this coming Sunday.  You can also go to www.LifeScreening.com.  Don’t just push this aside – it could be something that will save someone’s life.


Prayer Requests:

Sue Lake was scheduled to have Cardiac Ablation Surgery this coming Monday.  However, Wednesday it was necessary she have an emergency root canal and because of antibiotics, the Ablation is re-scheduled for January.  She has been having some heart problems and we need to be praying for her.


Bob Kutas … was finally released from the hospital Wednesday evening.  He had pneumonia and extremely low blood pressure.  As you know, every day is a physical battle for him, yet he continues to give thanks to the Lord for all the good things He does.  Pray for Bob and please remember Jo Ann and Steve as well.  They have also been very ill and have not had much rest since Bob was in the hospital.


Beverly Frinkle … Still recovering from her back injury, but dementia is a huge problem at this point.  Rarely knows where she is and often does not know Chris, her sister Terri or myself.


Curt Frinkle … (Chris’ brother) – lives in Phoenix and is in need of a liver transplant (living liver will not work).  A Board met this week to determine whether he would be placed on a waiting list in the near future.  We have not heard the results of that meeting as yet.


Heather Fletcher … will have chemo as a cancer preventive measure, but not sure when those treatments start.  God is doing amazing things in this lady’s life and she will be the first tell you, it’s because of your prayers.  Keep it up.


Henry Osborne … (Vicki Waldrep’s father) – had a fall in his home and was taken to emergency where he was treated and released.  It appears to be bumps and bruises, but let’s be praying for a full recovery.


Thanks everyone all across our Devotional Communication lines for your faithful support in praying for one another and forwarding the devotionals to others.  Each one of you is very special!!


Pastor Carnes