“If You Fall – Get Up”

Have you ever heard of, “Wrong Way Corrigan?”  I’ve heard of him and if memory is correct believe my Dad may have even referred to me with that title a few times.  Thing is, until today I didn’t know what it meant other than it wasn’t a compliment.  In 1938 a man named Douglas Corrigan left New York in his single engine plane presumably heading for the West Coast.  Unfortunately, 28 hours later he wound up in Dublin, Ireland.  He claimed it was a mistake, but for the rest of his life he was known as “Wrong Way Corrigan.”


It’s sad, but some people are remembered more for one glaring mistake than for all the good things they did in life.  Have you ever made a really bad mistake?  Have you done things you wish hadn’t?  Committed a sin(s) that hurt you and others around you?  Some things we may innocently fall into and other pits are the result of foolish choices.  The point is, “We ALL have sinned!”  We ALL have done things we shouldn’t have and we’ve ALL made some miserable mistakes.  That’s life and the imperfections of a human being.  It’s a shame, but sometimes a person is always remembered for the mistake or sin they committed.  We cannot help what others think of or say about us – but life is much worse when a person continues to condemn themselves for a wrong doing.  If you’ve taken a recent fall or one long ago – it’s time to get back on your feet.


God doesn’t want our mistakes, sins or shortcomings to define us.  The Bible says, “A righteous man falls seven times, and rises again” (Proverbs 24:16).  If we were all perfect, God would not have had to send us a Savior!  Bur, Jesus came to forgive and save us from our sins.  God is a God of second, third, fourth and more chances.  You may have fallen, it’s time to get up, brush yourself off, wipe the tears from your eyes, look unto Jesus and start walking a new path.  We’ve all fallen!  We’ve all messed up!  And yes, more than once!!  Don’t let Satan rob your joy, peace or self-worth.  God is calling your name and inviting you to come back to Himself.  You aren’t the only one that’s fallen and needed forgiveness.  Just ask David.  Or Peter.  Or Elijah.  Or Moses.  Or Thomas.  Or Abraham.  Or anyone else who has experienced the forgiveness of God, the grace of God – and the love of God.


Pastor Carnes