“How To Attend Church Online”

Things continue to change day by day because of the Coronavirus.  I’m an optimist for sure, but this I know – with each passing day, we are one step closer to finding a vaccine that will snuff this disease out or God Himself will take care of it.  We must be vigilant in our prayers for the end to come soon.  We must also remember those infected with the virus, families who have lost loved ones and don’t forget those providing medical attention to ones who are sick.  One of the big changes is how we are doing church.  Because of technology (thank the Lord for it) most churches are able to provide Worship Services and Bible Studies via livestreaming.  In many ways, it’s possible there are more people going to church online Sundays than if the church doors were actually open. 


If you need a place to Worship this Sunday and/or could use a really good Bible Study, you can tune in the Marietta First Church of the Nazarene at www.mariettanaz/live this Sunday at 9:45am for a Bible Study on the “Prayer of Jesus” from John chapter 17.  Our Worship Service begins at 10:45am and I’m speaking on “Where Is God During A Crisis” and “3 Critical Mistakes We Make In A Crisis.”  We’d love to have you tune in and believe you’ll be encouraged from these services.  A Devotional Reader from Sun Valley, Arizona emailed me some guidelines his Pastor sent to his congregation as to “How to Attend Church Online.”  I think these are great in helping a person prepare for Worship so thought I’d send them to you.


  1. Get out of bed and get dressed – it will put you in the right mindset to worship.
  2. Go through your normal Sunday routine – minus the “hurry up, we’re late part.
  3. Gather together as a family – no multitasking – worship as a family activity.
  4. Stream to your largest screen if possible – it will feel like you are “really there.”
  5. Sing along loud and proud – (we put words to songs on screen) – it may feel weird, but it also feels weird to the people leading worship in an empty room.
  6. Preach with the preacher – say amen, clap, shout and take notes (we provide a message outline on screen); have a time of prayer at the end; make your home a sanctuary.                

These are great suggestions and could make a difference in your worship experience.  It appears we’ll be worshipping this way for a few more weeks.  Don’t let your spiritual tank run dry – keep Christ as your focus and WORSHIP HIM ON HIS DAY!!  Be sure to stay in touch with one another.


Pastor Carnes