“How Hungry Are You?”

I think you will agree most every person does whatever they really want to do.  You know the saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Simply put, if we want to do something badly enough we’ll find a way to accomplish it.  With this in mind, how does your personal time with God compare to time spent doing “Other things you really want to do?”


Perhaps a more personal question is, “How would you describe your relationship with God?”  Close, distant, really strong, weak, mild or something else? On a scale of one to ten how would you rate your faith?  You may be wondering how a person can actually evaluate such things, but I believe it possible for one to know where they are spiritually.  Jesus tossed out a litmus test one day when He said, “The way you love others is an example of how much you love Me” (personal emphasis). He also said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments” (John 14:15).


If you have a desire to draw closer to the Lord, obey His commandments, love others and there is a way to get started.  The Bible teaches, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6).


If you agree with me that most, if not every person, finds a way to do what they really want to do, would also agree developing a deep relationship with the Savior is extremely important?  Maybe you are thinking, “I wish I had a hunger and thirst for righteousness, but I don’t.”  Honestly – if you are thinking that, you are hungrier than you realize.  Ask God to increase your appetite for spiritual things.  Read the Word of God every day, spend time talking to Him in prayer and join a small group Bible Study group.  You never know how good a steak is going to taste until you take the first bite.  Opening your heart to God will be satisfying and fulfilling, but you need to come to His table.  You’ll never regret the effort you put forth.


Pastor Carnes