“He’s ALWAYS Amazing”

This morning as I was having a quiet time reading my Bible, then setting it aside to pray, my mind raced back to the incredible things God has done for soooo many people this week.  He has answered many prayers and so help me the first words out of my mouth were, “God – YOU were absolutely AMAZING YESTERDAY!!”  And whop – it wasn’t physical, but it was if the Holy Spirit smacked my head saying, “What are you even thinking?  GOD IS ALWAYS AMAZING!”  Even though I was alone, I felt a little embarrassed with my prayer, but I was very happy for what God did yesterday.  I was just trying to give Him a compliment.  I know, you’re thinking I’m crazy right?  That’s OK, because I feel He was thinking the same thing.


This has been an awesome week!  A man we’ve been praying years for, accepted Christ as his Savior on Monday.  Tuesday great news was received about a lady suffering from cancer stating if this were her first trip for an examination she would be told, “You don’t have cancer!”  A mother of one of our men was critically ill causing he and his wife to rush to Michigan.  Today we hear doctors were able to perform a procedure and she is recovering!  In the last two days I’ve heard from at least 30 readers (with only a couple I actually know) responding to the last two devotionals sent out.  BUT – here’s more EXCITING NEWS – four people responded to the “When The Last Door Closes” stating they had repented of their sins accepting Jesus Christ into their heart!!  Wednesday’s devotional was called. “A Prayer For You.”  Several people wrote back with 7 giving “thanks” because they either felt no one had ever prayed for them or they knew of no one to pray for them now.


There’s an old song with the words, “If it keeps gettin’ better and better, I don’t know what I’m gonna to do!”  My friend, if you are enjoying the presence and blessings of God in your life, share with someone what God is doing.  There are people around you that are hurting.   Many times we walk right by them simply because we aren’t looking or listening.  If you are going through a difficult time right now, you aren’t alone even though you may think you are.  Hebrews 13:8 reminds us that, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, TODAY and FOREVER!”  My opening statement was correct, “God was AMAZING yesterday!”  But you need to know that same God is AMAZING TODAY AND WILL BE TOMORROW AND FOREVER!  He is as close to you as you’ll let Him be.  Look to Him because He is already looking at you calling your name.  He is the supplier of your EVERY need!


Pastor Carnes