“Grab Your Partner”

Some people like to do things alone, but not for long.  Most enjoy the company of another, especially if they are doing an unpleasant task.  I wonder how many are reading this article knowing there is a project they know they need to get started.  I’ll try to keep this brief, but let me suggest something to you.


Decide.  What do you need/want to do?  Clean your garage, go on a diet, start exercising, take a college course, learn a new skill – what is  your mind saying, “I should do this!”  Got your agenda?  Now “Grab a partner.”   Most likely you know someone that has the same interest as you or who would be willing to try if asked.  It’s much easier to do things with someone.  You won’t want to disappoint them so you’ll show up on time and push through the tough moments.  Ecclesiastes 4:9 says, “Two people are better than one, because they can help each other succeed” (NLT).


What about your spiritual life?  Maybe you aren’t reading the Bible as you should.  You’ve been thinking about attending a Sunday School Class at Church, but you’re a little nervous.  Or maybe you’ve been out of Church for a while and want to start attending again, but you are nervous.  Find a friend and say, “I’ve been wanting to begin ???? on a regular basis, but just haven’t started.  Would you do it with me?”  Whether it’s a chore, diet, exercise, spiritual discipline, it doesn’t matter, you’ll meet your goals much, much easier doing it with someone than doing it alone.  And, the temptation to quit once you start will be more difficult.  You know there’s something you need to be doing – contact someone today and get started.


Pastor Carnes