Everyone likes GOOD NEWS and I have some along with permission to share it.  It was only a few months ago Heather Fletcher received news she has stage 4 cervical cancer.  It was also in her lymph nodes and spreading rapidly throughout her body.  Treatments began to slow the spreading of this dreadful disease.  Here is the note I received from her yesterday:

“Today the Oncologist said we are heading toward a cure.  No organs are involved.  Tumor is dying and shedding dead cells.  Next is heavy Chemotherapy to kill what’s in lymph nodes.  Starting next week and then rescan every three weeks to see progress.  Pray that works!  God is good!!”


Obviously Heather has a long, tough road ahead of her, but in the words of another text, “Round one is down with a win!”  Continue to pray for her and the upcoming treatments as well as her family.


Others needing our prayers are Darrin Brand, Brittany Remole, Bob Kutas, Janice Pelfrey’s father, Jo Williamson, Bryan & Matt Huff in the loss of their father, Scott Kenerly, Diane Hill and Mary Nell Boling.



The Scott Davis Comedy Night is this Saturday, May 18th.  Doors Open at 6:00pm with event beginning at 6:30.  Dessert and beverages available when you arrive.  Advance tickets are $10 and 15 at the door.  Respond to this email to reserve your tickets or go online at www.mariettanaz.com.  Be praying for this special night and invite some friends to come with you.


Pastor Carnes