“God Is Always On Time”

I read an interesting story the other day about a man named Robert who became bored with retirement, so he became Wal-Mart greeter.  The customers loved his cheerful and engaging personality.  There was a problem however.  Robert was consistently late for work!  So the manager called him into his office, “Robert, without question you are one of the best greeters we’ve ever had.  But, you are always late for your shift.  Now I know your career was in the military.  What did they say when you showed up late?”  Robert smiled and replied, “Well, they usually said, ‘Good morning General.  May I bring you a cup of coffee?’”


I’m confident there have been times in your life, just like mine, where you felt God is really late.  Or, He’s going to be too late and probably times where you wondered if He would ever show up at all!  You’ve heard it.  We all know it, but every one of us has to be continuously reminded that “God is God” and He is in control.  OF EVERYTHING!!  It’s hard to imagine, because we have a timetable, that while we are in a rush, God has slowed the processes of whatever we think must be done now.  The truth is, God’s timing is always perfect.  Plus, our waiting on Him generally deepens our closeness to Him.  You know this – and I know this – so let’s just relax, take a deep breath knowing God will show up on time – every time!  He is NEVER late and is always doing something in behalf of those who trust Him, even though you may feel He isn’t.


Pastor Carnes