Happy Friday Everyone,

As the week winds down and we look forward to the weekend, there’s things happening around the church you don’t want to miss.  The event schedule is listed so be sure to check everything.  To participate in the ladies ZOOM meeting, watch any Sunday School Class or Worship Service, go to www.mariettanaz.com and follow the prompt to your interest.  Rocky’s Adult Bible Class as well as the Worship Service can be pulled up and viewed any time, even long after the services.



10:00am – Ladies ZOOM connection and prayer time.  This is hosted by Ann Joyner and ALL ladies are invited to join in.


4:00pm – Erin Spencer, daughter of Jamie Vaughters is heading off to serve our country in the US Navy.  She will soon be heading to Boot Camp, then will be working at the Nuclear School in SC for two years.  A “Send Off” party is being held in Erin’s honor Saturday at the Church Pavilion.  It begins at 4:00pm and you are invited to drop by.



9:00am – Children’s ZOOM Sunday School.  Go to website and look for MFCN KID’S.


9:30am – Adult Bible Class taught by Rocky Joyner.  This is LIVESTREAM ONLY.  You’ll find on website.  This week Rocky is speaking on, “A Time for Everything” from Ecclesiastes 3:1-14.  If you’ve never tuned in for one of these classes, you are missing out on a great blessing.  Give it a try this week.  PLEASE MAKE NOTE:  BEGINNING SUNDAY AUGUST 8TH we’ll be returning to IN-HOUSE Sunday School.  Rocky will continue his LIVESTREAM class, but also with a live audience.  This is something new and we’re anxious to give it a try allowing people at home and those sitting in the class to participate.


10:00am – Prospective Children’s Worker meeting in the Children’s Building.  If you have an interest in working with children, join me for an informative meeting on Children’s Sunday School and Worship.


11:00am – Morning Worship Service – IN-PERSON and LIVESTREAM.  Join us for great music and inspiration.  The Sunday message is entitled, “It’s Time.”  I’ll be speaking about Lost Wanderers.”  If we aren’t careful, we may be enticed to stray into territory that isn’t healthy for us.  Actually, my guess is this has happened to all of us at one time or another.  Several Biblical characters will be given as those who were once faithful, yet “Wandered” from their faith.  How about you?  Are you as close to God today as you were six months or a year ago?  Have you “wandered?”  Join us this Sunday and learn how we can get back on track spiritually.


PRAYER REQUESTS – Please remember the following:

RON KATIS – In isolation at Emory St. Joseph Hospital suffering from COVID and pneumonia.  Ron has had his vaccination shots, but his immune system is extremely low making him vulnerable to any virus or disease.  He and Marilyn have had lots of company and family in over the past few weeks, and this is where the infection came from.  A grandson from California is quarantined at the Katis’ home right now as he is infected and cannot return home.  Doctor’s expect Ron to make full recovery, but he will be in hospital for a few more days.


JACK CADY – Two MRI’s were taken yesterday and he’ll be waiting until late next week for results.


VIC – member of Devotional Family, has special needs son in the ICU unit with multiple health issues.  Vic has also been unemployed and needs a job.


JO ANN POOLE – mother of our District Superintendent.  On Hospice suffering from advanced Parkinson’s Disease.


DON & MAXINE MILLER – my sister and brother-in-law.  Don is ill and weak.  Needs lots of care.  Maxine was in hospital for various tests.  Seems to be suffering from stress and anxiety.


STEPHANY – continue to pray for recovery from auto accident months ago. 


HEATHER FLETCHER, KATHY & LARRY COLEMAN, BOB KUTAS, DELANIE (devotional member and recent high school grad recuperating form knee surgery), JOEL (devotional member in California, marriage), lady in Pa (son addicted to drugs and in rehab – devotional member), CHUCK & JOYCE SAYERS, PHILIP (5 yr old in Ohio, cancer), JIM EWERS (Brent’s dad.  In hospital with severe leg infection), SCOTT DEAL’S FATHER, UNSOKEN and any others you think of.


Pastor Carnes