“Forgiven and Forgotten”

The Apostle Paul referred to himself as the worst sinner that ever lived, yet his life was transformed by the love and power of Jesus Christ.  Paul then went on to become what many say “Was the greatest Christian outside of Jesus himself.”  King David was a man of many sins, but mentioned by God as being, “A man after my own heart.”  David as we know had deep, deep sins.  But, he also found peace and reconciliation with a God who never gave up on him.  Not only were David and Paul forgiven of their sins, THEY BELIEVED  they were forgiven and became followers of the Lord.

There are lots of people, too many people, who have asked Christ to forgive their sins, yet if asked if they know for sure they are going to heaven when they die will say, “I don’t know” or “I hope so.”  Friend, don’t settle for what the Lord has said is available to you.  It’s possible many don’t feel they can ever be totally forgiven simply because they feel in their own heart, they can’t totally forgive those who have hurt them.  God did not put any stipulation on sin.  He is omnipotent and can do anything.  There is nothing He can’t do – even forgive the vilest of sins.  If we confess our sins (repent), He will forgive us (I John 1:9).  But there’s more – much more!

Not only does He promise to forgive us, but the Bible teaches the sins we repent of will NO LONGER be held against us.  When it comes to  our sins, there’s the “east-west,” “amnesia” and “deep sea” promises.  Through Jesus Christ, God cleanses us so completely that our guilt is as impossible to find as the dividing line between the east and west horizons.  God’s mercy is so thorough He erases our condemning evil from His mind.  His forgiveness is so sweeping that it’s as if our iniquity sinks irretrievably into the deepest ocean.  When Satan tries to remind you of something you’ve been forgiven of, just remember it is illusive and non-existent in the mind of our Holy God.  The sins that are forgiven cannot be fished out of the depths.  God’s grace is thorough and complete.  Please look up and read scripture supporting everything you just read in Psalms 103:11-12; Isaiah 43:25 and Micah 7:19.  If you have truly repented, God has forgiven you and those sins are remembered no more.  NOW, YOU MUST BELIEVE that what God has said is true.

Pastor Carnes