“Fear or Faith?”

My “inbox”, like yours,  is filled everyday with advice, suggestions and well wishes to help me and others get through the Coronavirus crisis.  Then along with everything else you get, I add my two cents worth.  Today is a modification of some things I’ve received lately and it’s my prayer that these thoughts will help you stay focused and in faith.  Remember – in every situation which overwhelms us, everyone has one of two choices to make.  You can focus on your circumstance, or focus on Jesus. 


Matthew 8 gives the details of the Lord’s disciples in a boat when a furious storm came up on the lake.  Many times we, like them, allow the situation to dictate our reactions.  The disciples were “fear struck.”  They were looking at the storm rather than Jesus’ reaction to the storm.  He was in the boat with them – SOUND ASLEEP.  After waking Him, the disciples were asked a serious question, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Jesus then rebuked the winds and waves and it was completely calm.  The disciples were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this?  Even the winds and the waves obey Him!” (vs.26,27).


This is only one of many stories in God’s Word that teaches us about the power of God.  In this case – He had the power over a dangerous storm ( the disciples thought they were going to die).  Sometimes we need reminders that God isn’t blind – He isn’t asleep – He isn’t disinterested in any of us and He is NEVER surprised.  Jesus was in the boat WITH THE DISCIPLES.  If you know Him as your Savior, He ABIDES IN YOUR HEART.  He is with you – ALWAYS.  When you LOOK TO JESUS – above everything else, you will begin to see that the storms of life, even the current   CORONAVIRUS pandemic, is not nearly as powerful as the Savior who chooses to walk through the storm with you.  So what will it be:  Faith or Fear?  Focusing on the circumstances around you or fixing your eyes on Jesus?  It’s your choice.  You always have a choice.  Choosing Jesus is ALWAYS the BEST choice.  You will find comfort, assurance and peace reading God’s Word.  Our Lord is not frightened by this worldwide storm we are in the midst of.  Look to Him – not the virus or any other personal storm you are experiencing.   God fights every battle for you.


Pastor Carnes