“Facing Overwhelming Pressure”

Life is filled with twists, curves, valleys and even drop-offs.  That’s about the best I can describe the “surprises” we all face from time to time.  Fortunately not all surprises are bad, but when they are our life can be tossed into a tail spin.  Some things happen that are powerful enough to even frighten the Christian, but we know Who our rock, shelter and protector is.  God is our refuge, an ever present help in the time of need or trouble (Psalm 46).


When pressure or stress mounts, we can  learn some lessons from Asa, the newly established King of Judah in 2 Chronicles.  King Asa destroyed all symbols of false gods and encouraged his people to put their trust in the Lord.  He developed an army of about 580,000 men, but was about to attacked by the Cushite’s having an army of 1,000’s upon 1,000’s (NLT).  Asa feared for his men and seeking counsel of the Lord gives us four things (2 Chronicles 4:11) that led his army to victory.  These are things that will help you and me when we feel in a no win situation.


First, he acknowledged the “Sovereignty” of God.  He believed God was and is in control of all things.  2) He prayed and said, “O Lord our God, we rest (rely) on you and in your name we  come against this vast army”.  3) He acknowledged the presence of God within and surrounding him.  He knew he (and his men) were not alone and believed God would provide for and protect them. 4) He relied upon the power of God’s spirit to enable and help him and his men. 


In short, Asa believed God was in control of the situation, he relied upon God, believing in His power to take care of him and his men.  When you cannot control the things happening in or around your life, remember, there is One who can.


Pastor Carnes