“Existing Conditions”

Almost everything we do in life is dependent upon something else.  When planning a trip, we check the weather forecast especially if there are threats of storms of any kind.  Even football coaches put together different offensive schemes if they are certain the game conditions will involve strong winds, rain or snow.  We choose not to be around someone if we are sick and prefer no one that’s ill come around us – especially now.  You can think about different scenarios where your life has been enhanced or altered by different situations that arise.


My point is, we may be slowed or completely stopped by a storm.  It would be unwise and dangerous to proceed into something which may harm us or someone else.  Things of this nature cause us to hesitate and re-evaluate the consequences if we decide to go forward.  Many times, the decision is to stay put.  But, things do happen that are out of our control.   Lives can be turned upside down if the loss of a job is prolonged.   Fear and uncertainty may overtake a person when informed they have a life threatening disease.  One becomes powerless with the sudden loss of a loved one.  These are all things and there are many more, which crimp a person’s life and those of their loved ones.


  Bad news always seems to be a deterrent, however the Lord may be using a storm or situation to our advantage.  Perhaps to even save our lives.  Weather often plays a factor on how a certain ball game turns out and certainly military strategist take the elements into account before heading into battle.  The “existing conditions” you are fighting and worrying about right now is of great concern for you, but God isn’t worried.  David fought many foes, including being sought after by King Saul.  When David seemed outnumbered and overwhelmed by his adversaries, God would somehow get him through the fog and storm.  David was always in sight of his God – SO ARE YOU!!  Whatever you are going through right now or will go through – the conditions are unpleasant and maybe painful for a season, but God’s covenant is that He will make conditions right for eventual victory for you.


“God arms me with strength; he has made my way safe”  (Psalm 18:32 NLT)


Pastor Carnes