“Emotional Rollercoaster” Stories From The Patch (Pt 10):

Receiving notification on Wednesday June 13th (2012) that the original buyer of the Dallas Hwy property had pulled out, couldn’t raise funds or whatever, didn’t really matter at that point.  I was so excited as this was the breakthrough we needed.  The news was shared with my Church Board along with the fact the Credit Union was reviewing our one million dollar offer.  On Friday the 15th they countered with $1,225,000.  The upcoming Sunday happened to be Father’s Day so a Board Meeting was called for 10:00am at the Lovinggood School, (during Sunday School, but before Worship began).  We decided to counter with $1,112,500.  Our counter offer brought back another counter from the seller Thursday June 21st in the amount of $1,150,000 with no contingency of us having to sell our Barrett Parkway property first.


Chris and I immediately sprang into action contacting all Board members inviting them to the Aspen Restaurant Friday evening at 7:00pm.  Since we were messing up possible Friday night plans, their spouses were also invited.  Everyone knew something was up regarding the purchase, but we didn’t tell them about the new offer until we met at the restaurant.   Need I say, we had a 100% turnout!

There was energy and enthusiasm in our private room as the Board started arriving.  I couldn’t wait to share the news, but wanted everyone to hear it at once.  Finally, after ordering our meal, the $1,150,000 counter offer was shared.  Conversation around the table was rapid, but the greatest thing was everyone was saying the same thing.  “ACCEPT THE OFFER!”  Motion made, second, everyone in favor, “Let’s eat!”  What a great evening and one I’ll never forget.  Our offer was accepted.  A contract was drawn up with our secretary/treasurer, Greg Ulmer and myself meeting in my office July 7th (my father’s birthday) with Ed Green to sign the papers.  I’m forever thankful for the Pumpkin Patch, Mary Jasper and her Mom, Natalie for talking with Ed about a need for a church.  Ed was very persistent, but he needed to be because I wasn’t interested.  He actually became a member of our church and we are good friends to this very day.


You’d think this would end everything, but actually there were still many more steps to go through.  The purchase would require District approval by our District Superintendent and Advisory Board.  Plus, our congregation would need to vote as part of our discipline is a church cannot buy or sell property without these approvals.  It makes for a great “checks and balance system.”  Then there was the small detail of explaining to everyone the necessity of selling the Barrett Parkway property.   If this seems like a merry-go-round to you, it actually was quite a ride.   With the experience of men like Greg Bontrager, Rocky Joyner and Greg Ulmer, putting everything together for a loan wasn’t difficult.  While waiting for loan opportunities a series of inspections took place on the building.  One man, Alan Hornbeck, a church builder out of Marietta was a main contributor.  Alan and I had spent lots of time together as he was to build our church on Barrett when we were ready.  As a Christian gentleman and good friend, Alan inspected our building knowing full well he would lose a contracting job if we decided to buy this building.  He looked at everything in, on and around the building.  Here are his words, “There are plenty of things that need immediate repair, some in the near future and eventually others – BUT – for what you’re paying for this building, plus the 12 acres of land, you’ll never get a better deal!”  My hope and prayer now was that our District Superintendent and future lender would see it that way as well.


Pastor Carnes