Email Update:

Thanks to so many people who have been kind and patient over the past few weeks while we attempted to discover why some devotionals went to Spam or Junk mail (maybe the computer mind thought that was where they belonged) and sadly, some didn’t receive them at all.  I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and tried to forward to everyone I knew that was not receiving them.  Below is a statement from my Technician, Brian, explaining what he did and hopefully fixed the problem.  Several have emailed me today (thank you) indicating things are working:


“We made changes with Mailchimp and our domain (mariettanaz.com) to help internet service providers like Comcast/Xfinity, AT&T, Google, Spectrum, etc, to recognize us as a legitimate sender which should help our emails hit your inbox as opposed to your spam folder.”  If you received two devotionals today, one was forwarded, the other through normal channels.  I will forward this one to folks who haven’t been receiving them and if you get two, please let me know.  Hopefully we are back on track.  Thank you again for your patience.


Now For the Next Two Sundays:

Join us for Bible Study at 9:30am this Sunday and 10:45am Worship.  I’ll mention lots and lots of special “Words” I’ve received from people all over the country in response to selecting “One Word” for 2020.  I’ll also be speaking on “Obedience” to God in respect to Stewardship.  As we are still in the beginning days of this New Year there is no better time to make sure our priorities are in order.  Sunday night at 6:00pm will be the first of a 5 week discussion on the Book of Revelation.  Bring your Bible and join us.  Looking ahead to Sunday January 19th, I’ll be speaking on, “What The Bible Says About Hell.”  Looking forward to worshipping with all of you this Sunday.  If you can’t attend, all morning Worship Services are livestreamed at www.mariettanaz.com.  Follow the prompts.


Pastor Carnes