Dear Friends:

Word is being received from more and more people that they are not receiving the daily devotions.  Thank you for the concern of many who have written or called checking on my health.  I am fine and devotions have been sent every Monday – Friday on a regular basis.  Some are reporting they have not received them for up to 3 weeks.  Others discovered them in their “spam” or “junk-mail” box.  We are desperately trying to find out the problem and of course, as I write this there is no idea who will receive it and who won’t.  If anyone has commented to you they are not receiving them, will you ask them to email me directly.  I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and again, we have no idea this is happening unless notified. 


On another note – some people are being “unsubscribed.”  We take no one off the list unless requested, BUT – if you forward them to others, should someone receiving them form you, “unsubscribe” that will knock you off.  A suggestion is to contact everyone you forward them too politely asking them IF they want to continue receiving them.  If not, don’t send it to them.  Thanks for your time.  Please feel free to respond to this email if you have any questions.  Hopefully everyone will receive it.


Pastor Carnes