“Defining Words”

Earlier this week I challenged you to select “One” single word that may inspire, encourage or motivate you throughout 2020.  Several people have responded to that devotional sending me their personal Word for the year and in some cases how that One Word will help them stay focused throughout 2020.  If you are reading this for the first time or have not discovered the right one yet, keep thinking.  As mentioned in the first email, the Word might find you.  That is what some of those who responded with their Word said.  You’ll be surprised how many times that One Word will pop into your mind during a normal day or when facing some tough moments.  Don’t let Your word become a substitute for God’s Word, but they most likely will go hand in hand.


Words are powerful!  The Bible teaches words build up or tear down.  In fact, they have the power to give life or destroy life.  Many suffer today not because of what others say, but because of what they keep telling themselves.  If you think you “can’t” and keep telling yourself that, you’ll soon believe your own words.  But, what if you came up with a Word that inspires, pushes, motivates, encourages, builds confidence and faith?  That One Word could change perspective and the direction you are headed or want to go.  Don’t crucify yourself – you are special and you are worthy.  You have value, promise and a bright future.  You are a son or daughter of our Heavenly Father.  You may fight to keep others from harming you with their talk, don’t damage yourself!  Replace those negative thoughts and words with positive ones.


The other day Chris handed me a small piece of paper with an acrostic with the letters W-O-R-D-S.  She doesn’t remember where she got it, but it goes with what I’m saying to you today.  Hopefully it will be helpful and worth considering – especially as you contemplate your One Word selection.

  • Willingly spoken
  • Organization of my thoughts
  • Revelation of my heart
  • Direct my destiny (my word is my bond)
  • Seals my eternity (justified or condemned)


Pastor Carnes