“Courage to Stand” Pt 4:

In a world filled with people who rebel against God, the church and believers, it’s inevitable that Christians of all ages will at some point face situations in which their convictions will be challenged.  Thinking about convictions, have you established any moral and ethical lines you WILL NOT CROSS.  Our faith in Christ and His Word will be challenged, mocked and ridiculed eventually (if not already).  Do you have the “Courage to Stand” and do that which God honors?  I’ve often said, “We need to make up our mind before we make up our bed.”  This means, before leaving the bedroom I’ve decided to live that day for Christ.  When we’ve already determined what we’ll do, when the temptation comes, it will be much easier to resist.  We don’t spend time thinking about it because, “We’ve already made up our mind.”


The story of Daniel and his three friends is an exciting one.  These four adolescents not only manifest conviction, wisdom and honor in their walk with God, but teach us an amazing lesson on how to NOT COMPROMISE our Godly convictions.  Taken from their family and homeland they had the “Courage to Stand” overcoming all pressure to reject their beliefs in the God of the Bible.  As a result, God blessed and protected them.  People, Christians as well as non-believers, can tell with accuracy the stories of the three Hebrew Children in the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lions den.  Truth be known, your story is still being written.  One day a group of people will be gathered and your name will come up.  It should be our objective to live in such a way that when the story of our lives is told, it will include bold faith and spiritual courageousness.  When faced with doing right or wrong, we chose God’s way!


Next week I’ll return to Daniel and his friends, but here’s a story about two of my friends.  They live in different states, have different career paths with one maybe in his late 40’s the other under 30.  I don’t believe these two men have ever met each other, but they have walked a similar path.  Both were doing well in their jobs serving in high positions.  Things were rolling along nicely and out of the blue the unexpected hit.  In totally unrelated instances an individual, corporate board or supervisor came with an order requiring them to do something unethical.  Both individuals, without reservation rejected the order and when told, “You will or else,” submitted their resignation.  They both have families and needed their job, But Not if it compromised their faith and personal convictions.  One has landed another job and the other close to getting one.  Without knowing his name, pray for him that God will honor his Christian and integrity walk with a job far beyond his wildest expectations.  How about you?  Do you have the “Courage to Stand” for Christ when tempted or pressured to do otherwise?


Pastor Carnes