“Coping Or Leaning?”

So how are you really doing during this COVID crisis?  Are you worried?  Afraid?  Anxious or nervous?  Many people are.  Are you “Coping” or “Leaning?”  Chris was listening to the radio coming in to church Sunday and the host said she was standing in line at the grocery store and looked over at the person next to her who had quite a bit of “booze” in her cart. She looked up rather sheepishly and said something like “this helps me cope with 2 children and a husband shut up at home for 2 weeks during this Coronavirus thing!” Is that how some people cope with stress and problems?  Unfortunately, we know that to be true.  The host said Christians are able to cope differently. As believers, we know there is a better way.


The phrase, “Be Not Afraid” is mentioned 365 times in the Bible.  Think of that.  One for every day of the year.  Yes, people are concerned about their parents or grandparents, their job and how they can meet expenses.  But God says, “Be Not Afraid.”  He doesn’t want us to worry and reminds us of how He cares for the birds and asks, “Are you not more valuable then they?” (Matthew 6:26).  There’s turmoil and fear in our world, but what an EXCITING DAY FOR THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST!  This is an opportunity for Christians to seize the moment.  We have a message of HOPE. God is in charge.  We don’t know how things are going to work out, but we know He does and His plan is a perfect one.  We must communicate that daily to anyone and everyone we possibly can.


So, how are you doing?  Really?  Are you “Coping” or “Leaning?”  Each day is different than the one before as things are changing rapidly.  Psalm 91 gives us hope and assurance.  God protects His people (even against deadly pestilence/diseases).  He will protect those who choose to trust Him as their Savior and act upon that decision.  Here are some words to a chorus that might be helpful.  It’s entitled, “Learning To Lean.”  “Learning to lean, – learning to lean – I’m learning to lean on Jesus.   Finding more power than I’ve ever dreamed, – I’m learning to lean on Jesus!”  As you read God’s Word and put your trust in what He says, you’ll learn you can “Lean” on Jesus in difficult times and not just cope.


Pastor Carnes