“Confidence Building”

When God created us, He gave us a mind to think and reason with.  But that’s not all.  Within our mind is the ability to “remember” things that happened in the past.  This can be haunting at times if all we think about are the bad things that happened to us.  But today I want to focus on developing a confidence that propels our faith.  I’ve been teaching a series of lessons on Joshua in our Monday night Community Bible Study so obviously have been spending a lot of time in this Book.


Many of us know Joshua was the successor of Moses and became the leader of the Israelites leading them to the promised land.  We may be able to tell of his crossing the Jordan River, the battle of Jericho and the many other battles that followed allowing them to conquer and settle in the land God had promised Moses.  But, it isn’t any of these things I want us to concern you with.  It’s what happened AFTER a victory that is extremely significant.


After crossing the Jordan (chapter 4), Joshua commanded the twelve priests (one from each tribe) to bring a stone they had carried out of the river.  The twelve stones were built (stacked in some fashion) as a Memorial for what God had done for them.  Verse 21 says, “In the future when your descendants ask, ‘what do these stones mean?’ tell them, ‘Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.”  The stones would be a permanent “reminder” of what God had done for them in previous days.  As we move forward as individuals we should reminisce battles  faced in our yesterdays.  Think about the things bigger than ourselves and we were nervous, anxious and afraid.  But then, GOD CAME!!  HE was the difference maker.  You may be facing a Jordan River today.  The water is at flood stage and your situation is hopeless – may I encourage you to stop, remember things you faced in the past.  Do you have any “Memorials” you can look at as a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness to you?  If not, you have a memory bank.  Use it and know the God who helped you before can help you today.  May the things done for you in the past build your confidence as you put your faith and trust in Him now.  One more thing – the victories God brought your way – tell those stories over and over to your kids.  It will help them to understand the faithfulness and power of God and will infiltrate their lives in the days to come.


Pastor Carnes