“Complete The Call”

What a great week this has been!!  It all started last Sunday morning with a message on how we look at ourselves in comparison to how God sees us.  There are some egomaniacs, but most people sell themselves much less than they should.  It’s easy to say, “If only – I wish I could – I wish I had – If you only knew – I’m not good enough or smart enough – I could never do that” and on and on we go giving excuses why we’re unable to do certain things.  The Bible is filled with sinners, misfits and really nasty people whose lives were changed when they developed a relationship with God.  They turned from their past and did things they never dreamed possible.


A challenge was given last week for individuals to open their heart to God, listen to Him and then do what He calls them to do.  Here’s what’s happened since last Sunday: 3 people are working on starting a Zoom group meeting in hopes of developing a Bible Study.  Another is calling people on the phone, offering encouragement and praying with them.  Another is putting together an activity and gospel lesson plan for a children’s Zoom meetings.  One gentleman (musician) contacted me stating God is leading him to put a short musical package together with some encouraging words and posting on FB for people to see.  Another person called me yesterday stating his is inspired to do the same thing.  Then, there’s the individual who mentor’s a teenager and then introduces them to a Senior Adult.  This young person then assists them with various needs.  Thursday morning another person said “God is leading me to send cards, texts, emails etc to people offering encouragement”. 


If you’ve been reading the devotionals this week, there has been a common theme.  It’s a fact, we are living in a difficult time, but God shines the brightest in difficult times.  Some reading this have sensed God calling you to do something.  You’re not rejecting, just neglecting that call because you are afraid or nervous.  That’s normal and every person I know feels unqualified to do things for God.  But the truth is, none of us are worthy or qualified.  That’s why ministry is so unique.  We can’t do it ourselves – we need help.  Thankfully the Lord has sent us a Helper – the Holy Spirit!!  I’ll ask again – what is God urging you do?  If He’s calling you, He will provide the power and resurces you need to complete the call.  People will be blessed, strengthened and encouraged because of what God is about to do through you.  If God’s directing you in a certain way, “Complete The Call” by obeying and doing what He wants you do.  You can do it!!  And, you’ll be glad you did.  Please let me know how God is leading you and if I can be of help.


Pastor Carnes