“Close Is Not Enough”

Acts chapter 26 gives a teaching of the Apostle Paul sharing his testimony with King Agrippa.  Just like everyone else who hears the truth about the love of Christ and His sacrificial death for the sins of all mankind, some type response is always given.  It is acceptance or rejection. As Paul shared what happened to him on the Damascus Road and how his life was changed, Agrippa said to Paul, “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian” (26:28 KJV).


I wonder how many reading these lines have a history of being religious, but have never accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  Some may go to church on a regular basis, perhaps even be involved in a ministry.  Others maybe read these devotionals trying to find their way to the Cross and love of Christ.  And then of course, there are those totally committed to Jesus and His teachings.  The point is, people are at different levels or places on their spiritual journey.  These words are being written today to remind those who “are Close” to becoming a Christian, or as Agrippa said, “Almost persuaded.” But close is NOT ENOUGH!  Consider being high off the ground.  You are running to jump across an open area that’s 5’ across.  You jump 4’11”.  You were oh so close, but you still fall to the ground.  I have no rhyme or reason why I write what I do each day.  I ask God for something that will bring instruction, inspiration or a challenge to people as they read the devotional.  Today He has lead me to say something to those “CLOSE” to becoming a Christian. 


No one ever becomes a follower of Christ on their own.  Someone, somewhere has either told you about the Lord, set an example for you by the way they lived their life or at the very least (which is the most powerful) faithfully prayed for your salvation.  If you are “CLOSE”, why are you waiting?  What will be different next week, six months or six years from now?  See, you may be “Close” to becoming a Christian, but that’s not enough.  You are still lost spiritually.  Today – right now – before you delete this message or move on to something else, you can ask Jesus to forgive you of all your sins and come into your heart.  “CLOSE” isn’t enough!  It’s time your faith moves from your head to your heart.  Someone has most likely prayed for you as recently as this morning.  Today YOU could be the answer to their prayer.  Chances are you know who that person might be.  You can make their day by making the greatest decision of your life.  Call and let them know that TODAY you accepted Christ as your Savior.  (I’d like to hear about it too – hit the reply button and let me know).


Pastor Carnes