Every person is born with a certain amount of power, but when they become a Born Again Christian they receive “Supernatural” power within them.  This type power may not give you the strength to flip semi’s with your bare hands or squat lift 400 lbs.  This God given, “Supernatural” power gives you the ability to do other things.  Things you may have never been able to do before.  The things I’m referencing will be the ability to love those who don’t love you.  The ability to forgive those that have wronged you, whether they ask for forgiveness or not.  This power takes what used to be a life filled with anger and now that anger is controlled.  This power removes bitterness, helps us to tell the truth, and to go an extra mile, or two or three to help someone in need.


You’ve heard about this power.  It’s the “Power of the Holy Spirit.”  Jesus called it a “Helper” He sent His Spirit to help us live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Him.  A Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, makes the Devil sweat.  Satan knows beyond all doubt that he is no match for anyone claiming the power of God upon their life.  The problem (my opinion) is way too many believers do not know they have this power or they fail to claim it.  Here’s my experience in walking with God.  We are Christian because we are saved by faith through God’s grace.  By faith we are saved – it is also by faith we live our daily lives serving God.  Faith is present tense.  This means our Christian walk or journey is a walk of faith – one step at a time.


David didn’t kill Goliath until he faced him head-on.  Naaman wasn’t healed of leprosy until he dipped seven times in the Jordan River.  The oil didn’t stop pouring from the jar of the widow with two sons until every pot was filled.  What I’m saying is, I think sometimes we pray asking God to perform a miracle.  He certainly can perform a miracle anytime, anywhere.  There’s nothing He can’t do, but more often than not, He makes us take the first step.  The waters parted, but not until the priests stepped into the sea.  God honors those who honor Him.  Christ living within us allows us to be kind to those who are grumpy, negative or upset over something more often than not.  Be careful because the Devil will try to get you to retaliate to an angry person or become upset over a situation beyond your control.  Keep your peace!  Claim the power God has given you.  Don’t let anyone or anything take away your joy.  Honestly, no one can take it away – you have to surrender it to the person or circumstance and in doing so, you give it away.  Don’t do that!  Claim your power and live it daily by faith.  Your power is God living within and helping you to do things you never dreamed possible. 


Pastor Carnes