“Choose Faith”

One of my favorite Bible stories is found in I Kings chapter 17.  The very first time the Prophet Elijah is mentioned in scripture is in the first verse.  He is commanded to find King Ahab and inform him there will be no rain or dew until he says so.  Quite an introduction don’t you think?  Elijah is then told to go to a brook and stay there until further notice.  He is fed twice a day by ravens and gets water from the brook.  However, the famine gets worse and the brook dries up.  But, God NEVER forgets one of his children or their dilemma’s.  He speaks and sends Elijah to Zarephath where he will find a widow woman.


Sure enough – as Elijah arrives he sees the woman gathering sticks to use in preparing a meal for her son and herself, then they will die.  Because of the famine they would then be out of food and resources.  Elijah told her not to be afraid but go home and fix some bread for him first.  If you do this, your flour or oil will not be used up.  The lady did as she was told and as promised, her food supply never diminished. 


What’s the application?  The Bible says we are to “Walk by faith, not sight!”  The facts may say you’ll never get out debt.  The facts say you will never get well or be happy.  You might be trapped in a dysfunctional home, job or school environment.  You may have been fighting an addiction for 20 years and feel there is no way out.  Let’s jump back to our story.


When the lady obeyed Elijah and provided him bread first, God did not allow her flour or oil to run out until He sent rain to the land.  Get this … God DID NOT stop the famine – He supplied for this lady IN SPITE OF the famine.  Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “The things we see are temporary.”  Temporary means “Subject to change.”  This lady’s situation changed in the midst of a severe drought.  You may be in a bad situation and the conditions are horrible.  Odds are stacked against you.  Don’t give up hope!  This is a new day and could be the one in which God breaks the chains holding you captive.  Your situation is “Subject to change”.  Choose God first!  Choose faith over doubt!  Focus on Him not your problems.  Your CONDITIONS never have to be right, but if YOU STAY RIGHT with the Lord, He’ll take care of you.


Pastor Carnes