How can Chris and I ever thank the leadership and terrific people of Marietta First Church for giving us such a fabulous weekend?  We actually are a few weeks ahead of schedule, but the Lord willing, we will celebrate 50 years of marriage and 50 years in Pastoral Ministry very soon.  Our deepest appreciation to this Church for your consistent love, care and support for the 13 plus years we’ve been here.  THANK YOU for a Saturday night celebration we’ll NEVER EVER forget.  The dinner, beautiful decorations with lots and lots of roses, was absolutely wonderful.  THANK YOU for extending invitations to the  congregations of our three previous churches, those in my Community Bible Study and neighbors.  It was awesome to receive cards, emails, texts, and gifts from people we haven’t heard from in years.  I think the one reaching back the furthest was 42 years!


We still cannot get over the beautiful Pavilion having our name put on it.  What an amazing, amazing gift!  THANK YOU!!  And THANK YOU for loving and including our family.  Tears still come to our eyes thinking Sam, Jack, Kelsey and Ben (our four grandchildren), will have their handprint on that building as long as it lasts with their scripture verse posted on the four corners of the foundation.  THANK YOU for inviting them to do that. It means a lot to them and everything for us to think of the number of times those verses will read by people walking into the Pavilion.  At some point in time, one or all of those verses will direct someone to Jesus!  Absolutely chilling to think about.


THANK YOU for a terrific Sunday of Worship.  The music was so great!  I’ve played the songs over in my head all afternoon, but of course we were thrilled (yes, we’re prejudice) hearing Beth (daughter), sing our favorite song, “How Great Thou Art!!”  I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to our building contractor, BRIAN KEETON.  The Pavilion isn’t quite finished, but he saw that it was more than presentable for Saturday night.  He and subcontractors worked hard Saturday painting, grading, planting grass seed, covering it with straw, hanging temporary lights and cleaning up the site so we could walk through it that evening.  This weekend was a genuine TEAM EFFORT and we are so proud of all of you.  THANKS to those who traveled great distances from our previous churches and out of state family members as well.  To everyone who came or couldn’t come, but sent a card and/or donation for the Pavilion, THANK YOU.  In closing, someone asked, “Pastor, you’ve Pastored four Churches, which is your favorite?”  Easy answer … always has been and always will be – we’ll NEVER forget the great people in past years, but our favorite Church IS ALWAYS the one we are presently at!! THANKS again, MARIETTA FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE for your love and kindness.


Pastor & Chris Carnes