“Best Deal Ever”

Today is Black Friday and the shops, boutiques and malls will be packed with people looking for bargains.  Some folks will return home excited to share the things they purchased saying a certain place “Had the BEST deal ever!”  Perhaps the retailer had the best deal money could buy, but whatever the item and it’s cost, it definitely was not the best ever. 


The BEST DEAL EVER for you, me and everyone else in the world is when Jesus died on the cross for our sins.  Because of His sacrifice we have the privilege of receiving a “FREE” gift.  That gift is eternal life.  We don’t have to pay for it, we don’t deserve it and we can’t inherit it.  It is a gift provided for anyone willing to confess their sins and “RECEIVE” it.  Many reading these lines are thinking, I’ve received the gift of salvation and my life has never been the same.  Others know about the gift, have had it offered to them, yet did not take it.  Unless you take ownership of a gift, you’ll never possess it.  Today is a great time to accept the gift God has made available to you through His Son.


Sunday concludes this Thanksgiving weekend.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday, but don’t stop being thankful.  In fact, Sunday is a wonderful time to express your true thankfulness for who God is and what He has done.  How?  By going to church.  Sunday is the Sabbath.  It’s the Lord’s Day!  He will be pleased by your presence and those worshipping with you will be happy you are there.  Join in on the congregational singing and shake hands with as many people as possible.  Concentrate on the Pastor’s message.  This week is the first Sunday of Advent.  Not only will you continue your spirit of “Thanksgiving”, but you can start preparing your heart for the true meaning of Christmas – the celebration of the Birth of Jesus.  On that first Christmas Day – “HOPE IS BORN!”


Need a place to worship?  If you are in the Atlanta area come join us at 10:45am at the Marietta First Church of the Nazarene 4341 Dallas Highway; Marietta, Ga 30064.  The service is also livestreamed at:  www.mariettanaz.com. There’s nothing like attending the service live though.


Pastor Carnes