“Be Thankful”

Many individuals spend way too much time thinking about the heartaches and disappointments in life.  They let past defeats and pain hobble them rather than celebrating what God did in bringing them through the crisis.  Psalm 126:3 tells us, “The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad.”


Don’t let Satan trap you with bad memories, but be thankful for God’s mercy and deliverance through those dark days.  You may not be able to forget difficult past experiences, but you can make them stepping stones instead of a stumbling block.  Give praise to God for not leaving you helpless.  Give Him thanks for providing the strength, courage and power to rise up and move forward.


It’s important you remember the victories over sadness and despair.  As you stand tall, look around because there are people suffering as you suffered.  They are feeling like you felt.  Use previous hard times to help others through theirs.  Remember, “He did GREAT things.”  Let that be the center of your focus when future trials come and you will have the strength to go on because God is faithful.


Pastor Carnes