“Battling Doubt” (Pt 2)

“I believe (you can heal my son), but help my unbelief,” said the man to Jesus (Mark 9:24).  He was asking for healing of his demon possessed son.  Many times we as Christians face a crisis where no one or anything can help.  Our only hope is Jesus.  Yes, we do believe He can perfume miracles, BUT will He in my behalf?


There are days our faith will be tested.  But the absolute core of our belief is God knows what is best for us today and in the future.  Our life is in His hands.  Jesus prayed, “Father, not my will be done, but thine” (Luke 22:42).  There are times we must stretch our hands out with “palms down.”  We hold onto nothing – everything from this point on is God’s.  If you are struggling with doubt, review the things mentioned in yesterdays’ devotional then put the following into practice.


Don’t carry your burden alone.  Share it with Christian friends you trust and ask them to pray for you.  If your storm persists, you may become so weary you can’t pray for yourself.  Let others carry you with the faith of their prayers.  Be sure you are eating and getting adequate rest (not easy to do, but necessary).  Continue to read and meditate upon God’s Word.  Find a promise a day and cling to it.  Keep your heart open as you talk to Him in prayer.  Satan will use every means he can to distract and distort your view of God.  Stay focused on Him, not the problem.


Last, but very important to know.  Jesus healed the man’s son which confused the disciples.  They had prayed for this boy, but he wasn’t healed.  What did Jesus do that they didn’t?  His answer is astounding, “This kind comes forth, ONLY by prayer and fasting” (Mk. 9:29 KJV).  There are blessings in life you and I will never receive because they only come when we pray and fast.  Will prayer and fasting bring the desired answer?  I can’t promise that because God is still in charge of our life.  However, I do believe we should do everything God has taught us to do and leave the results in His hands.  Praying and fasting may be what God is wanting you to do as it really makes you focus upon Him.


Pastor Carnes