“An Unexpected Miracle”

Everyone has some type routine they go through every day.  Some take time to read the Bible and pray, but others have no relationship with God and don’t care about spiritual things.  We’ve all heard the words, but not everyone accepts them, “Jesus loves you!”  It doesn’t matter how many good things you’ve done or the number of bad things – Jesus doesn’t love you any more or any less.  He is God and His love is everlasting.   Christians pray and anticipate the Lord hearing and answering their prayers,  But what about the unsuspecting non-Christian?


The Bible says in John 9 that Jesus was walking along and “saw a blind man from birth” (v.1).  There was a common belief in Jesus’ day that a calamity or suffering was the result of a great sin.  Seeing the condition of this man prompted the disciples to ask Jesus, “Who sinned, this man or his parents?”  The answer Jesus gave is amazing, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” (get this), Jesus said, “this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life” (v.3).  Jesus then went to the blind man, spit on the ground making salvia and put it on the man’s eyes” (v.6).  The following instructions were the man was to go wash his eyes.  He did so and for the first time in his life he could see.


There are many good points to this story, but understand this.  In that day many people reached out to Jesus for help and healing.  This man however did not reach or call out, Jesus went to Him.  God is so loving and merciful even when we don’t have faith to reach out to Him.  Jesus did not ask questions, He simply put mud on the man’s eyes and he could see after washing it off.  You may be a believer or you may not.  God loves you just the same and died for your sins just as He did everyone else.  You may be going through a difficult time and you don’t know why.  Be assured, God knows where you are and what’s going on.  Who knows, perhaps your situation is so God can show up and display His power in your life.  Keep in mind, God is more interested in changing you than changing your circumstances.  Let Him refine you.  Maybe for days you’ve faced heartache and sorrow.  You might be afraid or feel alone.  Jesus is nearby and you may not even know it.  The blind man didn’t call out to God, but you can.  Be ready to do whatever He asks you to do.  He told the man to go and wash the spittle and mud from his eyes.  That may sound crazy, but he obeyed and he received the miracle of sight.  You may be asked to do something that doesn’t make sense – do it because an “unexpected miracle” may be right around the corner. 


Pastor Carnes