Believe it or not, I really am conscious of the emails I send out and try not to bother you (too much).  It seems when emails are sent early in the week they are calling for special prayer … and I’ll mention a few individuals that need prayer today.  But here’s what prompted this email:


I just received a phone call from Heather Fletcher.  She was to receive her PET Scan results next Monday, but was notified this morning.  The “marker numbers” indicating cancer is anything that’s a 5 or above.  When she was diagnosed a few months ago her levels were at 15.4.  Heather learned today her new number is 3.4!!  She was told if this were her first test they would say “she did not” have cancer.  So we should all rejoice and praise God for shrinking the tumor and lymph nodes as well.  She will continue her treatments, but this is excellent news.  Keep Heather and her family in your prayers, but hopefully this is encouraging news to anyone reading this that’s going through a difficult time.  GOD IS GOOD!!


Those needing your prayers are JEAN EWERS (Brent’s Mother) who is extremely ill in a Michigan hospital. Brent and Jo drove all night and arrived at her bedside this morning.  Jean is in very serious condition.  Pray for Brent’s Dad, Jim, as well.


Kathy Coleman and Bob Kutas are both suffering from severe pain and appreciate your prayers.  Refer to yesterday’s email for an update and prayer requests for other people.  Have a great day!!


Pastor Carnes