“Always More Than One”

Yesterday I mentioned when an electrical cord is pulled out of a socket, everything it was hooked to goes out.  If it’s lights at night time, the room is filled with darkness.  A comparison was given between a religious person and one experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Just as there is no power without an electrical connection, there is no spiritual power in an individual’s life with Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Not to be elementary, but here’s another illustration using Christmas lights.  Have you ever plugged in a string of lights and only a third or half of them work?  Frustrating right?  It is for me anyway.  My first instinct is throw them away and get a new string.  My wife however (she’s much more patient) will go light by light until she finds the problem.  If all the bulbs seem fine, then it must be a battery.   She’ll look until she comes up with one and more often than not, the string of lights is repaired.


Here’s my point.  It’s interesting how one damaged bulb leads to half a dozen or more bulbs to go out.  Or how one minute battery causes a partial light string to go blank.  You know what I’m talking about, but think about this.  The same thing happens with sin.  It’s easy to think we are a really good person, except for this one little hang up.  Read this verse carefully, “…let us throw off EVERYTHING that HINDERS (plural) and the SIN (singular) that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1b).


The scripture seems to indicate there may be ONE sin that leads to other sins which hinders our spiritual life and growth.  If a person feels they only have one sin they are trying to combat, they really need to look deeper.  More than likely they will find another and perhaps several, because whatever is not committed to Christ will lead to something else to be taken away from the Lord.  The easiest example to give is when one is caught doing something they shouldn’t, they lie to cover it up.  You see, one sin leads to another to another and another.  There are times Chris will actually give up trying to fix a Christmas light string and in the dumpster it goes.  BUT, when our sins are brought to Jesus with sincerity, He totally forgives.  That’s not all, He doesn’t repair your heart, He gives you a new one!!


Pastor Carnes