“Altar of Remembrance”

As we read through scripture we find over and over “altars” or “sacred memorials” were built by God’s people.  These memorials were just what you’d think they would be.  A “reminder” that at some previous time, God did something really special in that place.  These memorials could have been made out of wood, a pile of stones, a cross or anything significant announcing, “God was here!”  You and I need these reminders.  We need them because we tend to weaken under the pressure and stress of burdens seemingly too heavy to bear.   It’s important to be faithful in reading God’s Word and praying during difficult times, but also need each other.


This week I’ve heard from numerous people, nearby and far across the country of those crying out for prayer support and encouragement.  Some individuals know that they or one they love dearly will not be in this world much longer.  Some of them don’t know Christ as Savior which is a heavy burden for a loved one to live with.  Since August 5, 2013, I’ve sent out over 2,000 daily devotionals.  During this time, it’s been a blessing when people reply stating they repented of their sins and accepted Christ as Savior.  Many have written, “Today’s message was just what I needed.”  Admittedly, there are times I wonder, are these (devotionals) doing any good?  Are people being helped?  And then there are weeks like this one, when people reach out to me, and I now reach out to you!!  We really do need each other!  For some, relationships are breaking, some are battling serious illnesses, some are worried about a spouse, child, or their future.  If you read these devotionals on a regular basis, YOU ARE A VERY SIGNIFICANT PERSON.  People believe in you and your faithfulness to pray for them even though you’ll most likely never meet one another this side of Heaven.


Now, a word to you, the reader.  I know there are times you put up a strong front when facing adversity.  We all do!!  Some of us are reluctant to share a hurt or ask close friends to pray for us.  Remember – whatever the fight, it’s not your battle, but God’s!  However, while waiting for God to intervene, it sure is nice knowing we have Christian brothers and sisters standing beside us.  Thank the Lord for them.  So, what about those altars? There have been times you’ve battled things before.  You prayed, others prayed, and God brought the victory.  Do you remember?  During that difficult time there may have been a Bible verse, or a promise of God you hung onto.  Maybe there’s a marker in your Bible, a picture, or a certain place in your home where you pray.  These may be referred to as an altar.  Whatever the past, you REMEMBER, this is the time and/or place WHEN GOD SHOWED UP!!  These personal reminders (altars) build our faith and trust because if God helped us in the past, He can and will do it again!!  WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, and a strong Christian army is at your side when you’re standing with God’s people!!


Pastor Carnes