“All Odds Are For You”

Sports, politics, medical reports, certain job opportunities or acceptance to a prestige university – we all have faced things in which the odds were (are) stacked against us.   After an injury someone was told they would never walk again.  The medical report said there was no hope and the doctors confirmed there was nothing more they could do.  You understand what I mean when I say, “The odds are against you!”  You’ve been there and some of you are there now.  Sadness and a broken spirit is your lot.  You’re feeling there’s nothing more you can do but accept this fate.


There are times when something does come to an end (even life) simply because it has run its course.  I am convinced however that we have buried way too many things in our lifetime simply because of lack of faith.  What are you facing and the odds are stacked against you?  Who or what has your faith and confidence – people, reports or God?  Perhaps you need to hear again that “God always has the final say!” 


John chapter 11 tells the familiar story.  Lazarus was ill.  His sister’s and close friends of Jesus sent word for the Lord to come quickly.  Jesus purposely delayed going to Bethany because He had something better in mind.  He knew He could heal Lazarus in a second, but He allowed the odds to build against him.  By the time Jesus arrived Lazarus had been in the grave four days.  Mary and Martha were upset and weeping.  They criticized Jesus stating had He come earlier their brother would not have died.  They were praying for a healing, but Jesus had something greater in mind – a RESURRECTION!  The religious leaders of that day believed the spirit of a dead person would leave its body within three days.  It was not by coincidence Jesus waited four days.  God spoke against zero odds and the universe came into existence.  Against zero odds, Jesus, who had been dead three days, walked out of the tomb alive.  When God speaks dead things come to life.  Sometimes He allows the odds against you to reach impossible proportions so that when He steps in there’s no question a miracle takes place.  Don’t let odds talk you out of your dream.  When your faith is in God there’s no such thing as facing impossible odds!


Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life, the one who believes in me will live, even though they die.  If you believe you will see the glory of God”  (11:25,40).


Pastor Carnes