“A Warning from Peter”:

The past two days I’ve tried to get you thinking about what success may or not be.  What’s the opposite of success?  The dictionary says, “failure, defeat, misfortune or a false step.”  Every day God gives us is a gift and we should remember that. There are times when we feel like we’re doing our best and still come up short.  Discouragement and weariness are a dangerous combination, and a position Satan loves for people to be in.  Jesus told the disciples before ascending into Heaven, “You will have trouble in the world.”  We are living in troublesome times.  Not only did Jesus tell us these days were coming, but Peter did as well. 

Second Peter is a letter of warning.  He mentions in this Book that he doesn’t expect to live much longer and shortly after completion of this writing was martyred for his faith.  His first Book offered encouragement and comfort, but in this one he’s waving red flags, flashing lights and blowing sirens.  In short, Peter is warning the Christians of his day as well as you and me.  His concern is that believers will get comfortable and complacent in their faith.  To put it another way, he felt there will come a time when we are merely going through the motions.  We can talk about our faith, go to church, read our Bible and even pray, but still be “cool” to the things of God.  Let me explain.  It’s possible to be sitting in a worship service, but mentally and emotionally we aren’t there.  We read the Bible because we are on a mission to read it through in a year.  But they are just words as our mind is somewhere else.

Going to church and reading your Bible are great things.  Keep doing them even if you’re in a dry place right now.  We must realize though, that’s not where we want to stay.  Believe God will send rain and fruit in your life will begin to grow again.  Peter warned not only about complacency and stagnation in our spiritual lives, but that our world would be infiltrated with false teachers.  Read 2 Peter chapter two.  He states false teachers will become prevalent in the last days.  They will say or do anything for money, and spur the things of God while being proud and boastful of what they are doing.  Christian’s grumble and complain about the evil around us.  Are we as followers of Christ succeeding or failing in letting our spiritual light shine?  Let’s not shy away from the evil in our world and satanic verbiage but accept the fact you and I were chosen for this time in history.  Have we ever had days of failure?  Absolutely.  The good news is that God isn’t finished with us, and He wants to use us.  His Spirit will fill us, guide us, and help us to stand strong in our faith.  We know (or can learn) His truth.  Our kids and grandkids are depending on our commitment to God and our faithfulness to do right. 

Pastor Carnes