“A Very Personal God”

Some people are just down right snobs.  I’m not sure what makes them this way, but this type individual has to always be right, has little time for others and lets people know how great they are.  Maybe it’s the success they’ve had in running a business, corporation or maybe even a church.  It’s refreshing though to run across a person that has made their mark in business, athletics or some other type venue and we refer to them as, “Down to earth and very common.”  Thankfully there are many great leaders who are that way.   What we mean is, they take time to get acquainted and seem to sincerely care about others.  They don’t flaunt their successes or accomplishments.  They are genuine, kind and often generous with a willingness to help someone in need. 


Today I want to tell you about a leader above all leaders.  He is wealthy, yet you wouldn’t know it.  He’s had more songs written about him than any other leader, more artwork performed on him than any other leader and has the best – selling leadership book of all-time.  This leader is Jesus and His book is the Bible.  The Bible tells us “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills,” (someone has said, “He owns the hills too”), yet He had no place to lay His head. 


Jesus is the greatest leader ever.  He is also One that wants to be your and my very best friend.  He’s the One who died for us, the One who wants to constantly spend time with us, and One who is creating a place for us to spend eternity together – Heaven!  Jesus knows our every need, because He cares about us.  We have a promise that He will be with us until the end of the age (our life or world).  He isn’t leaving us.  When we are lonely, frustrated, afraid and have no idea what to do, He comforts and guides us through every storm.  Our God is very, very personal and here’s a closing thought I hope you’ll never forget – He not only knows what you are going through at this very moment, but He even knows your name, where you live, and has the solution to your need!  He’s real – genuine, personal and loves you like no other.  He more than a friend – He is or can be your Savior!!


Pastor Carnes