“A Prayer For You”

Heavenly Father, thank you for leading me to pray for every person whose eyes fall upon these lines today.  Our Devotional Family is mixed with Believers and others trying to find their way spiritually.  Many of them stop to pray when receiving prayer requests for people they don’t even know, but pray for them anyway.  For the one reading this with a wish down deep in their heart that someone would pray for them, may they know this prayer is for them.  I don’t know them or their need, but You do.  So Father, in the power of Your name, I lift every reader up to You today.


Lord, be with the expectant mother that’s worried about the child she is carrying or concerned about the actual delivery itself.  Be with the person lying in a hospital bed somewhere or sitting in a doctor’s office waiting anxiously for their test results.  Comfort those worried sick over a suffering loved one.  Some are so sick their passing may be soon, while others are mourning the loss of one they loved.  I pray for the person who feels all alone, even when surrounded by a crowd of people.  May they sense your presence in a very special and personal way.  For those battling an addiction that’s unknown to everyone else, give them the power and perseverance they need.   Give them courage and strength to keep pressing on believing victory is near.  Provide wisdom to the one having to make a decision, but doesn’t know what to do.  Be with the one so sick or physically unable to get out of bed and give strength to those caring for their needs.


Father, bless our homes today.  Our marriages, our children and grandchildren.  Be with the single-parent trying to make ends meet and lives each day at a torrid pace just trying to keep up.  Encourage those who are physically home-bound, many who are suffering from pain, dementia or a crippling disease.  Hearts are broken when the faithful pray for the salvation of friends or loved ones yet they seem to have no interest in God.  Like the shepherd searching for his lost sheep, thank You Lord for never giving up on us or a loved one.  You are always looking – always searching – always calling out someone’s name, inviting them to come back to You.  Today is another typical day.  Classes are held at school and on University Campuses.  Please protect and help all our students feel safe.  Watch over those who travel, work in offices, dangerous environments, and other places.  I pray for those unable to leave their home.  For every individual and every family, please protect and keep each one safe.  And for the person with a need not specifically mentioned, You know who they are and just what they need.  This prayer is for them.  Give wisdom and guidance to the leaders of our country and communities.  Protect the men and women as well as their families who protect us day and night.  Thank You Lord for your love, grace, mercy and faithfulness to each one of us.  And God … one more thing … would You help EVERY PERSON to KNOW they have GREAT value and significance!!


Thank You for hearing and responding to this simple prayer.  In Jesus name I ask all these things,



Pastor Carnes