I hope all of you are safe and warm.  Be praying for many parts of the country where millions are really feeling the results of a winter blast.  I went to the church a couple hours ago and the roads were clear and actually dry (because of wind) when I came home.  The buildings will be warm for you in the morning.  If some of you are a little concerned about driving in the early morning, just come to the 10:45 Worship Service.  I don’t believe the roads will be an issue though.  Just take your time and dress warm.  It will be cold early, but much warmer by time church is over.  The service is an important one as I’ll be speaking on the second of three messages on Stewardship and why committing to faithful stewardship is so important to the Lord as well as the church.  Sunday School begins at 9:30; Morning Worship at 10:45.  See you then.  We will also be having our 6:00pm services tomorrow evening.  The Financial Pease Class will begin at 5:30pm.



MOTHER…of Sue Clark and Sandra Branstetter is still very weak.  She is home and receiving antibiotics.  If this medicine doesn’t help, she may be admitted to the hospital.  They also have 6.5” of snow where they are in Tennessee.


FATHER…of Vince Halder who is in critical condition in a Texas hospital.  Pray for the entire family.


MARY CREASY…still trying to get blood count up so treatments can resume.


JOYCE THOMAS…feeling better, but still not doing well.


FATHER…of Becky MacLearn who is very ill.  Suffering from leukemia.


DIANE HILL…home, but still suffering with great deal of pain.


AMY PUTMAN…as she receives radiation treatments.


LEN EMPIE…had an interesting and scary approach and landing in Washington DC yesterday.  He and all passengers safe are safe.  He is huddled up in a DC hotel and based on the pictures we see on TV, we can expect to see him after the groundhog makes his appearance.  He is hopeful to return home tomorrow actually.  Again, as cold as it is here, people in many parts of the country are in need of our prayers.  Have a great afternoon and I’ll see you in the morning.


Pastor Carnes