Please pray for:

Rocky Joyner’s Sister-in-law who is having surgery today in Nashville, Tn.  A very serious and delicate operation.


Dawn Smeltzer recuperating at home.


Larry Coleman…diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his right kidney.  Surgery scheduled within the next four weeks.


Emma Daye…13 year old granddaughter of Dr. & Mrs. Roy Rogers (our Dist. Supt)  who has a severe urinary problem.  Has received a number of procedures to no avail and told last week she must have a catheter for the rest of her life. 


Sharon Hodnett…severe pain in her knees.


Karen Grogan…recuperating at home following a hip replacement


Quida Nelson…diagnosed with a blood clot in her leg.  Is on bed rest and medication with hopes it will dissolve.


Baby Eli is home and doing well.



Time Change Saturday night – turn clocks AHEAD one hour before going to bed.


Departmental Elections Sunday:

This Sunday between 9:00 and 10:45am all eligible church members will have the opportunity vote for Departmental leaders for the 2018-’19 Church year.   Kierssis Moreno and Chuck Sayers are on the ballot for Sunday School Superintendent, Linda Morris and Marlynn Streetman on Missionary President ballot and Bryan Huff on a Yes/No ballot for Youth President.  A mock ballot for the church board will also be available this week for the March 18th Board elections.  Be in prayer about this.


Pastor Carnes