“God’s Pathway to Victory”

We all have dreams and desires.  Like a seed planted in the ground that germinates and brings a harvest, the seed(s) God has planted within us never dies.  That God given seed has a design destined for purpose in our life.  He creates and shapes that seed by formulating a dream and drive for our life that results in a vision and purpose.  This dream comes to fruition through learning and using our God given gifts, talents and abilities.


Sometimes people or circumstances short circuit your dream or vision, but God never aborts the dreams He has for you.  You may have given up, but that dream or seed God put within you at birth is still there.  Maybe you were making great progress toward fulfilling your desires before being hit with some severe difficulties.  You may have lost a job, a marriage, encountered serious health problems or the betrayal of a friend or relative.  You may be discouraged and have given up, but it isn’t too late to pick up where you left off and God has a pathway to success for you.


The reason people get discouraged and quit when the going gets tough is they stop watering the seed.  You water the seed within you by giving praise to God.  You thank Him in advance for the victory.  You may have a spiritually wayward child, instead of thinking about how far he has drifted, start praising God and thanking Him for restoring and putting him back on the right path.  Don’t use your words to describe a difficult situation, use words describing how loving, caring, powerful and BIG God is!!  The Israelites marched around Jericho and on the seventh day gave a shout of praise and the walls fell down.  Romans 4:20 says, “Abram didn’t waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God.”  Water the seed of hope God has given you today by giving Him thanks and praise in all things.  Giving praise through the storm leads to victory and fulfillment.


Pastor Carnes