“Clock & Thanks”

You’ve received a few LONG emails from me this week so you deserve a short one.  This is it.   I’m combining the thoughts from two of our readers.  One from Dallas, the other Kansas.


As you set the clocks back one hour this Saturday night before you go to bed think about this…



Your “God’s pace is not the same as ours,” immediately evoked this thought in my mind for no apparent reason:  God does not work on Daylight Savings Time, but on Soul Saving Time.  His time is always right and requires no Springing Forward or, heaven forbid, Falling Back.


The second reader shared:  It’s November and soon everyone will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  But why wait until November 22nd to give thanks?  For several years now I’ve started on the first day of November and each day of the month thereafter offering a prayer of thanks for something.  Rather than having just a day of “Thanksgiving,” I do my best to thank God for some blessing He has given me.  Each morning begins by giving thanks for my family, job, home, health, friends, church, and so many other things that come to mind.  I’ve done this for years and have found November seems to be a time I’m especially close to my Savior. 


I love this idea and shared my sentiments with this person.  I’m committing to giving a prayer of thanks each day as well … I encourage you to join us.


Pastor Carnes